Hatchery Admitted sending Wrong species and SF sex?


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
Not only did Meyer send me 4 chicks that had Pasty Butt, I lost 1 "Cochin" and 1 Favorelle within hours of getting them, they admitted that my " Cochin " is Not a Cochin afterall.

Can anyone venture a guess what she might be??

She was supposed to be a Partridge Cochin, so I think she is starting to get Partridge coloring.

She now has about a 1 inch " tail " and a slight comb.

Now, as far as my Favorelle.

I ordered 1 Roo and 1 Hen.

I lost one, so now Im not sure if my survivor is a hen or roo..

Her/his wing feathers and dark brown/black with a little white.

The baby has now a 2 inch long mostly black tail and the comb is growing alot everyday.

It is starting to get a black "splotch" on the chest and one on its back.

Anyway, Please excuse the quality and size, Im not quite used to how to edit and add pics on this site, yet..

any thoughts will help alot..


BOTH babies are total " love sponges" ...they Love being held and nuzzled, and " protest " when I have to put them back ..

ALSO...these updated pics are when they a a few days short of 4 weeks.


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If your SF is feathering in black, it is a boy. Ones that feather in salmon colored are girls. As for your other baby, sorry I can't help there.
Is the first pic of your "cochin"? I don't see any feathered shanks. Maybe its a partridge rock. Here is a pic of one of my partridge cochins- I think she was 2 days old

You can see lots of feathers on her legs
and I think your favorelle may be a boy since its feathering in dark. Good luck with them and sorry you lost some
I know with most hatcheris you have to specify no substitutes. If you don't and they have a bad hatch- they'll send you something else- could this be why they sent you a different breed?

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