Hatchery chicks MIA, due today


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ARGH! Extreme frustration!

I ordered chicks from Ideal (I'm in Louisville, KY) and they were shipped Tuesday (or so my email from Ideal said), they were originally supposed to ship Wed. according to the email I got when I ordered them a month ago. I called to give the PO a heads up, but this is an urban area so maybe they just didn't get the importance? Anyway, I should have gotten a call this morning - I know someone locally who got a shipment from Ideal and their PO called on a Friday for them to pick up. My PO (not the same one) does not have chicks there today, I called to check, and they don't know if they might be out with the carrier for hand delivery. OH!! And they're closed tomorrow and Sunday, so if someone screwed up, or they're in a truck somewhere, I guess my chicks will just die.

I don't know what to do....but I think the answer is sit and wait for the carrier to deliver my regular mail before I give up on today completely.
Ugg!! I hate when things happen this way. I have done this with eggs! I would wait until the carrier comes. If no chicks, do you have another main post office anywhere. They may call you with your chicks to see if you can come and get them. I had that happen with eggs and I was able to go to the post office on Sunday and pick them up at a loading dock. They said they try to make sure they contact the customer if something like that comes in. Hopefully your chicks are on there way to your house!! I hope it all works out for you and them. You will worry about them until they are in your hands...
I had a similar situation last year. Shipped from Meyers on Monday, and didn't arrive until Thursday. No call from the PO like requested, not even with my regular mail carrier at 9 a.m., but about 10:30 a.m. a private mail carrier pulled up with a box of chicks. Don't give up hope just yet.
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Thanks - I like stories of hope, LOL! I'm thinking surely a peeping box of chicks would be so novel that they'd *want* to call, or bring them to me in the hopes I'd open the box and let them see. Maybe I'm just imagining what I'd do if I was a USPS worker
Bad times. The PO called me today, and there were 5 of 20 still barely alive. It looked like they might make it, but I'm down to two after a couple hours. They are in bad shape
Ideal is reshipping Wed., I had no problems with the hatchery whatsoever, I just feel terrible about all those poor chicks languishing in their box, and dying.
I think that is crappy and everyone should call and complain about the shipping services to the post office these are live things and should be treated as so it irritates me when i hear about this..
That is really strange. I also ordered chicks from Ideal and the shipping was supposed to be on Wednesday but they sent them Tuesday night at 7pm the night before. I live in Western New York out in the "boondocks" and my order came Thursday morning by 7:20. It only took 36 hours. You live closer and it took longer.
Sorry about your loss.

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