Hatchery chicks - Welp vs. Cackle - your experience?


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Central PA
Anyone have anything good or bad to share about Cackle or Welp Hatcheries? I've ordered from Cackle in the past and had great success, but Welp has all the varieties I'd like for slightly less $$ overall. Just wondering if there's any specific reason that anyone recommends I go with one over the other. Thanks!
Welp has fantastic CS and answered all my questions...
I ordered 25 they sent 28...

so far so good; lost 2 though due to failure to thrive; not the hatcheries fault...

I have NO clue about cackle tho..sorry!
I went ahead and ordered from Welp. I got some unusual breeds for a pretty decent price. Can't wait to hear back about a ship date!
We ordered 5 day-old chicks from Cackle. They arrived via priority mail the next day. One had a pecked and festherless butt which I slimed with a menthol oilntment to keep the others from pecking. She just couldn't walk well at all. We thought she was going to rally back when she started eating and drinking (with a lot of encouragement from me), but I think she was just too weak and died after a few days.
The other 4 are doing great (they are 1-week old today.) This is our first experience with chickens and we have not bought from a feed store....didn't like the unsanitary way they were kept.

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