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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by GentFarmer, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Pardon me for a brief rant. Someone please help me follow the logic of Cackle Hatchery (I've never ordered from them, only emailed a query).

    Me: I'm looking for 6 Welsh Harlequin Ducklings, ideally sexed. The only source I'm finding for WH ducklings is a hatchery, so I'm doing due diligence and asking questions.

    Cackle: They have a per-duckling price comparable to other hatcheries. They also have a 3-duckling small order special for $63.

    The query: There's quite a disparity between the cost per duck for 3 ducklings versus single ducks. I'm wondering if it is possible to place an order for 6 ducklings and what the shipping cost would be.

    The response: We only sell minimum orders of 15 ducklings unless you purchase the small order special. If you order the minimum of 15 chicks, then we could add the 6 straight run ducks.

    The logic: So, the only way I can get 6 ducklings sexed is if I place an order of 15, for a grand total of 21. That gives me the first 15 for a total of $60.75, with the final 6 coming in at $25.20 for a grand total of 21 ducklings for $85.95. Or I can get three for $63 (free shipping! lol), or 6 for $126. But they don't sex chicks unless I buy the small order special, so that first shipment of 21 would likely get me the gender ratio I want simply because I've purchased enough ducklings for all my neighbors and me.

    Anyone but me feeling like this is unnecessarily confusing and/or illogical?

    (And I do understand the need for special shipping/handling on smaller orders. It's just... weird math.)
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    Yeah, that's a little confusing! I recommend Metzer Farms for ducklings - they have the best quality ducks you're going to get from a hatchery because they specialize in waterfowl. And they do small orders too, as few as two. Also good choice with the welshies! Although I am a little biased since I breed them :p
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  4. GentFarmer

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    Thanks Miss Lydia. I've not had a chance to check out the California-specific board. I'll do that here in a bit. And like you, I'd much rather buy local than from a hatchery. That's how I ended up with an amazing chicken flock. I'm almost resigned to go with a hatchery, though. And I'm making myself feel a bit better that Metzers and Holderreads are at least in-state (or close to it) rather than cross country.
  5. GentFarmer

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who got lost in that "logic." So, I'll start planning that road trip to New York, then! lol

    Appreciate the endorsement, btw.
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    I don't know exactly where in the mountains you are, but I'm betting that Metzer Farms is actually not that far from you, I think it's about an hour or two's drive from you depending on traffic and your route. You may be able to just pick them up yourself.
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  7. Going Quackers

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    It lacks logic but many Hatcheries are about quantity, I know my first foray into poultry(which was waterfowl) i had to pay a premium to buy because i wanted a small order, they were even brought into my feed mill, not shipped. Over the years though, i have learned of other ways to gain birds of coarse. Generally, the downside to hatchery are amount restrictions that said the up is they usually will sell sexed, not as common with breeders and/or swaps, auctions, tailgate sales etc.

    Good luck finding your duckies.
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  8. GentFarmer

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    Thanks, darlene. For some reason (actual, I know the reason: looking at duck articles into the wee hours of the morning), I was thinking Metzer was farther down in SoCal. Someone else also pointed out that they were here in Sonoma (well, not "here," but within driving distance of the San Jose area where I am). I'd much prefer to go pick them up directly when/where possible.

    I get the quantity. It IS a business after all. I think I was taken aback by the odd math that seemed to be going on. More than anything, I found it amusing. I appreciate the good luck wishes. I'm sure I'll be posting updates as the time comes.
  9. Going Quackers

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    May 24, 2011
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    It's their own maths that is for sure but i guess it's how they feel they need to do business. Do post updates, love to hear people's progress.
  10. subhanalah

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    Well, I kind of understand the math. If you are selling only three ducklings, the amount per Bird alone would not cover costs including the labor and supplies for packing shipments. If you order at least 15 then the price starts to make economic sense.
    I was going to suggest that you could probably drive to Metzer's and pick up the birds from them. I don't believe they have a minimum order for pick ups.

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