Hatchery stock means?

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Newbie here... Upon reading posts I have come across people calling some birds hatchery stock. This term seems to be referred to in a bad way. Can someone please explain this to me? If you don't want hatchery stock because this is bad then where do you purchase birds that are better?

    I purchased my birds from the local feed store. They said they order from Privett Hatchery out of New Mexico. Their website is terrible for finding out much about breed quality. Does anyone have experience with this hatchery and the quality of birds they have? I have RIR's, Barred Rocks and what the sold to us as aracaunas but I am sure they are just EE's. I would like to know if these are good birds compared to non-hatchery stock. Thanks.
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    Chick suppliers break down into 2 main catagories: hatcheries and breeders. Hatcheries typically don't maintain very high quality because they're focused on quantity, both of breeds and numbers of chicks. Breeders usually keep only a few breeds and work to produce the very best birds possible. Nothing wrong with hatchery birds, per se, it just depends on what you want. Hatcheries are fine sources for the basic backyard flock for layers or meaties, but if you want to show or breed yourself it's best to stick with experienced breeders to get quality stock.

    Think of dogs as an analogy, puppy mills vs. professional breeders, same concept.
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    Generally speaking hatchery birds are breed for production ability (not a bad thing ), they are not bred to the breed standard like a show bird. they are perfectly fine if you want a bird to lay eggs. If you want to show birds then buy them from someone that breeds SHOW birds. just because they come from a private breeder doesn't necessarily mean they are show quality.
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    Quote:No experience at all with Privett , but hatcheries in general usually breed birds that on average are smaller than the birds bred for show [ or the standard size for the breed ] , colors and patterns are often off a little to a lot , the build may be wrong , etc. . On the plus side is they are probably as good as layers and sometimes better than a show strain , usually pretty hardy , and almost always cheaper . The fact that they sell the EEs as " Araucana " or " Americanas " should tip you that RIRs and BRs will only vaguely resemble those breeds also . Still you should end up with a flock you can enjoy as a hobby at a pretty reasonable price .
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    Quote:To me Hatchery Stock or Hatchery Quality birds for the most part means that they are not a good example of what the breed should look like...
    Hatcheries only go for quantity and not quality. For example a Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks from a hatchery is nothing close to what the breed should look like.
    Hatcheries are nice if you just want eggs or something to look nice running in the yard but if you want the real deal or you are planing on showing your bird you wil want to go with a good breeder.
    A good breeder will/ should know the breed of chicken that they are raising inside and out and breeds to a standard...

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    Those of us with beloved chickens purchased as feed store chicks are bristling with indignation right about now. [​IMG]

    Hatchery birds are, as the above poster said, perfectly fine for layer and/or meat production birds. Away from major chicken farms, they are often no less pampered than any purebred anything of ANY species living with human beings. So many of us have no desire to enter our chickens in shows or other competitions.

    Our fluffy-butt pullets and flashy-tailed roos may not meet breed standards, but we love 'em just the same. Whether we started keeping chickens for the eggs, the fertilizer, or merely as amusing yard eye-candy, we think they're pretty darned special.

    Please understand that I'm agreeing with what has already been said - this is NOT an argument. (But my feed store accidental roo can kick anybody's pure-blooded little silkie's butt any day of the week. [​IMG] )
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    Apr 13, 2010
    Thank you for the replys. Now I understand. [​IMG]

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