Hatchery vs Breeder Silkies


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May 18, 2010
So I'm still deciding whether or not I want to get a pair of silkies to raise this spring. I was wondering if there was a big difference in looks in silkies from hatcheries (a small hatchery) or from a breeder. I don't want to show or anything, but I don't want scraggly looking birds either.

What are the major differences?
I've got a great silkie from a hatchery... five toes.. black skin and the sweetest disposition.
She's been dust bathing in the red dirt, otherwise she's bright white.. very special addition to my flock.
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Most, but not all, Silkies from hatcheries are not as cute, fluffy, full bodied, or true to type as good quality/"show quality" Silkies.

It doesn't matter if one wants to show or not, I always recommend "show quality" bred ones. Way cuter.

Hatchery type Silkies are often missing the 5th toe, have too light of skin, have too big and ugly of a comb and/or wattles, have weird temperaments, have stringy, straggly, or normal, non-fuzzy looking feathers, and quite often just plain look like a dirty or wet rat.

Now, the one hatchery Silkie cockerel I met, he was far more laid back than the 10 Cochin cockerels with him, but still, he was ugly. I like Silkies to be fluffy, full-bodied in appearance, and good looking.
These are not hatchery stock.
They do not cost more to feed than the ones that come from a hatchery.
You choose what you want to spend your money on.




Those birds are absolutely gorgeous! I got in contact with Karen from Catdance and will e-mail her a couple weeks before I want a chick from her. Yay!

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