Hatching call ducks...need info


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
I have 4 eggs in an incubator and 2 of them I can see the little external "pip". I can hear tapping and peeping noises but how do I know if the other 2 are internally pipped or not? I can't tell which egg the noises are coming from. Also, some people say that you may need to add moisture by misting the eggs...I thought once they do the external pip that you are absolutely not supposed to open the incubator. 1 more question...is it 1-2 days from the time of the external pip until the time they should be out of the egg? Thanks for the info..I have read so much it is all blurring in my head. My husband had to go out of town unexpected trip so now I am handling this on my own for now and I'm stressed!!
Leave the incubator CLOSED... they should be fine, but if not much progress in piping is done, you will have to help being very careful using tweasers and/or you fingernails... best of luck and let me know how there doing in a little while.
Well, at 5pm we got our first duckling!! It was actually the 2nd "pipped" one. The first pipped one really hasn't progressed at all. There is a 3rd that pipped right after the 2nd hatched. The duckling bumped into it while walking around (he's walking well already..I'm a little shocked!) and now the pipped spot is on the bottom I think....should I still leave it alone?
he needs help... first just pick a little hole for air... and give him a few mins and see what he does... if he is makeing noise and not really progressing do it all for him but dont pull him out with your hands but just make it easy for him to get out if he wants to an best of luck.

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