Hatching chicks to feed medicated feed or not?


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Apr 18, 2010
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well I am pretty new at this whole thing and i am wondering if I should feed medicated food to my hatchlings or if there is another trick? If I need to feed it for how long?? Also do I need to worm little chicks? I recently had one die on me and I am unsure why?
I have taken the leap and decided not to feed medicated. I ran out of the medicated feed when my hatchlings were two days old. Since then I have fed them a 'chook mix' which is a mixture of seeds, shell grit limestone etc. mixed with some millet (budgie mix) and sunflower seeds. I put this in my coffee grinder and whiz to a fine almost powder. I put my littlies outside at about 8am and they free range till almost dark. They eat grass, grass seed, some kitchen scraps and whatever insects they can catch.

I have some Sulpha Quinn on hand in case they get coccidosis. I would rather not feed my chooks antibiotics if I can help it, since we intend to eat the excess roosters and secondly, the excessive use of antibiotics in agriculture contributes to the development of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

This is my first batch of chicks not to have the medicated food and so far they are 4.5 weeks old. I hope they are going to be alright, I think 6 - 8 weeks is the most frequent time to get coccidosis.

good luck for whatever you decide!
I feed the entire flock gamebird feed, including chicks that are with broody hens and have never had a problem. I do keep Corid on hand though since cocci can kill quickly, but responds well to treatment.

ETA: Corid is not an antibiotic, but is a very good treatment for cocci so no worries if my egg layers get into it.
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