Hatching chicks


5 Years
Aug 16, 2014
Strathmore AB
This is my first time trying my hand at hatching some of our very own chicks! This afternoon one of our chicks made his debut but after hatching proceeded to bump into/roll the other eggs in the incubator.. I'm a little worried is this ok? Will the other chicks be disoriented now that they've started pipping and been rolled over?!
They'll be okay! The chicks like to play soccer with the unhatched eggs, but the chicks in those eggs will be alright :)
Oooh how exciting! The other chicks will be fine, after all, they get bumped and moved around when they're under a momma hen!

I remember how thrilled we were when our first hatch started. And wouldn't you know it after all the sleep I lost and all the work I did, the first little stinker hatched ten minutes after I had to leave the house! I missed it completely.

Best wishes to you for healthy and happy chickens.

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