Hatching Duck Eggs 1st time *URGENT GETTING DUCK EGG IN A FEW DAYS*


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Mar 8, 2009
What do i do???
How many times do i turn the eggs a day and how far apart?
What is the temp and humidity in the incubator?
when do i candle them?
when do i stop opening the incubator and turning them??

How long till they hatch?
what do i feed them?
when can i pick them up after they hatch?

and any other information would be good cause i have barly any idea on how to do this LOL
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i'm not sure with duck eggs about humidity and such, but i know that the temp should be 100 F.
be sure they are pointy end down, and you can lay them on their side or in an egg carton. be sure not to use the lid on the egg carton when incubating. you should turn them three times a day. once in the morning, once in mid-day, and once before you go to bed. as for how close together i never let my eggs touch one-another, but other than that it really doesn't matter as long as all the eggs are getting the same amount of heat.

it varies from person to person but i usually candle my eggs after 5 - 6 days of incubation. the embryos develop very quickly.

i hope someone can help you out with the humidity problem, i am not what it should be with duck eggs.

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