Hatching duck eggs... help!


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Hello, this is my first time hatching eggs in my homemade incubator...I received these eggs flown to me. the first week i had the eggs at 99.5 and humidity around 50-60% then realized for still air the temp has to go up to 102.I think my humidity gauge was wrong because I lost a lot of my eggs and the air sac wasn't developing properly. I changed my incubator and now I'm down to 2 eggs. my problem is that they are on day 33. Both eggs have internally piped and the one is chirping. The other one though isn't making much movement anymore. They both have pecked at the egg but haven't broken through. At what point do I help them out? Is it possible that the eggs are harder now since it has been 5 days from the original due date?
p.s. These ducks are suppose to be welsh harlequins.... I don't want to loose these little babies, someone please help me!


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Mar 18, 2013
somerset, england
Eek I'm new to this too but at day 33 they should be out by now. Unless there was too much temp change while swapping incubators which could slow them down. How many days has the moving one had the hole pipped open? It's probably exhausted and I would have thought hungry by now. Normally they have absorbed the yolk before getting out but it depends how long it's been since externally pipping. Just reread your post and they haven't made a hole. If I were you, I would give a quick candle and see where they are, look for a duck free space near the blunt end and sterilize something using boiling water and make a little hole where theres no duck or veins. Poor things probably running out if air. May be whats happened to the other one. Keep me posted and good luck!


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Jun 30, 2012
LP Michigan
Sadly in my experience, sometimes they don't hatch out. I guess, I figure that Nature knows best when this happens. I have helped when I could hear peeps and the taps for 8-12hours but not seen progress... But that duckling didn't make it overnight. Remember, hatch takes a long time. And if a duckling isn't strong enough to hatch, then maybe it isn't strong enough to survive. I've read that some people always toss eggs that don't hatch by the 28th to 30th Day. However, with you uncertain of humidity and the homemade incubator, things might take a little longer. If you see movement, continue to incubate. If hatch starts but doesn't progress, you do choose whether or not to help, then only small small pieces of shell, just a little bit at a time.


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Mar 12, 2011
Poke a small hole in the egg so they can breathe. I did this with mine and the all hatched. Give them time. On day 33 you are lucky they are still alive. Keep the humidity up.


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Nov 25, 2011
Poke a small hole in the egg so they can breathe. I did this with mine and the all hatched. Give them time. On day 33 you are lucky they are still alive. Keep the humidity up.
Unless your prepared to due a full "surgery" on them as we call it in our house poking a hole in them only shrink wraps them. There are very good posts here on how to help hatch if they are struggling. Just know it is very time consuming and the success rate isnt always great. I personally have done it to 6 and 5 survived but it was an every hour thing for 24 hours and then very close care for a good solid week.

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