hatching eggs into the bahamas

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    dont know if this is where i should start this thread. if it isnt im sorry. my question is if anyone knows if you can ship hatching eggs into the bahamas. i know live chickens need permits, health certificates, vaccines, etc. but someone told me you can just bring in eggs with no paperwork. ive looked online and havent found any info. if anyone knows anything your info would be greatly appreciated. if no one has a clue ill have to try and call the government. thanks a bunch in advance.
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  3. I too am looking on finding a way to get chickens or baby chicks into The Bahamas. I've called many hatcheries in the US and it seems that the process of getting paperwork and all the necessary documents in order can take months. Right now, I am working with a project that is planning to construct several demonstration coops in about two weeks time at various locations in Exuma. If you have any suggestions about how to obtain baby chicks in The Bahamas, it would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi it is possible, you will need paperwork, you go to the min. Of agriculture and get an egg license, it costs 2 dollars. You will need it when importing large quantities or small.

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