Hatching Eggs That Travel Great Distances: What to do?

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    Jan 17, 2013
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    I live in Canada (Southern Ontario), and I can't find the breed selection and diversityI want . The chicken selection is "lacking" in that it's taking me forever to find breeders and people to sell and ship hatching eggs locally. I found some people who sell eggs in British Colombia (4,500km trip), it is easier to order eggs within Canada, but I'm very concerned that the distance alone is too much of a risk.

    My other option is ordering NPIP certified eggs from the USA and picking them up in NY at my P.O. box, then transporting them over the boarder myself. This allows me to order from the Eastern Seaboard, all the way down to Florida.

    States could include:
    Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Vermont, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina etc.

    There are even a few farms in California I'm interested in... crazy I think.

    In the end it's a shorter distance to where I live then BC. I think with anyone who buys shipping eggs this is a major concern (Will they get to me alive?).

    I want some really nice chickens, genetic diversity, unique breeds that I cannot get in Canada, I'll willing to drive to the Ontario/NY boarder to get some, and I want the affordability of hatching eggs, instead of 20$-60$ chicks.

    Has anyone ever tried this?

    What is the best way to treat long distance-travelled hatching eggs, for the best hatching results? (no turn, setting, refrigeration?)

    What was the furtherest distance you've ordered eggs from? What was your hatch rate?

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