Hatching Emu egg

I hatched mine in a hovabator. My cabinet incubators would not go down low enough on temp or humidity, so I broke out the old hovabator with fan. You just hand turn them... I have about 6 in there now........
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eBay, but only from good sellers. I just bought 5, another pair is ending in an hour or two.
I expect around $30 an egg, but the more you get the cheaper they are.

Or Floeck's or however you spell it may have some available.
Well personally I would rather find someone close to me that will only sell one baby or 2. But my only hope is eggs I guess. But it will be my first time with emu eggs and it makes me really nerves. If you could help me out to find about 3 eggs? or know of anyone I could contact it would be great.
I have been told by breeders baby don't ship well, so find them near you would be ideal. Look on craigslist and your local AG classified. Put up an ad in the local feed stores or ask feed stores if anyone has emu that they know of.

if you are in Tennessee there is a HUGE Emu farmer right in your state that sells eggs and babys..you may have to drive a ways, but I think it would be worth it to get some babies from him. I think they go by Circle-T-Farm on Ebay.


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