Hatching Grocery Store Eggs


Nov 25, 2018
Hi! I have seen videos of many people hatching eggs from the grocery store, and just wanted to hear from others' experience here. I attempted to hatch quail eggs from the grocery store and 3 ended up being fertile. I cracked one by dropping it accidentally while candling :hit. The other two were placed in a homemade incubator to start lockdown because i had more eggs (hatching type, not eating) that were started later in the incubator. This was a mistake, as the temp. spiked to 106.9 overnight :barnie, which was of course lethal.

Have any of you successfully hatched any storebought eggs? Id love to hear about it.
Have never tried, but I hear Trader Joe's sells fertile chicken eggs..... I read awhile ago someone on here actually did successfully hatched a chick, it was all white and fat.
It depends on where you buy eggs. If you just buy commercial eggs from Wal-Mart, those won't be fertilized, because they are from those big egg farms where all the hens sit in tiny cages. No roosters.
If you buy at a place where someone local supplies them, there is a better chance. Or free range eggs....

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