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5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Ok my first chick pipped 8:30 yesterday morning. I woke up this morning and the rest have except for one. But I'm not concerned about them just yet its the first one I am worried about. It pipped and has broke through the membrane and shell and I can see its beak but it has been like this for I'd say about 12 hours with no further progress. My temperature is 99° and my humidity is at 76%. Here is a picture of what its looked like for a while now.
I can hear it chirp and its beak open and closes I'm just concerned if it should have made more progess in the 12 hours its been like that. Does it need help?
I've read that but 24 hours from when it pipped at 8:30 in the morning or 24 hours from when it finally broke through that little bit because it has been like that for a while and hasn't broken away more of the shell I guess in its zipper.
I had read some of that article but not all of it. The rest was helpful. Thank you!

Welcome to BYC!

Yes, they can pip and sit there for up to 2 days even. So be patient while he is gearing up for hatch. He is busy detaching himself from the shell and absorbing the last of the yolk. So let him do his thing. Good luck with your hatch and welcome to our flock!
Thank you everyone for your help. The one I was concerned about hatched as well as 3 others. 2 sadly didn't make it. We have another batch of 9 that should go into lock down next week I feel a lot more comfortable now that I've done it once.
Congrats on the few that did hatch! The first go around in hatching can be one big experiment. But each hatch you do will give you more experience for the next one.
Glad to hear that baby is out, and some buddies for him as well. Everything is scarier the first time, soon you'll feel like an old hand at this. What breeds are you hatching?

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