hatching in a carton


12 Years
Jan 16, 2008
Bowbells, ND
A while back there were a few posts about leaving the eggs in an upright position in a carton for hatching. A couple of members said they were going to try it. Any updates?
I tried it and got 22 to hatch, makes sense to prevent the early hatchers from rolling the others around??? This was the best I have had so far!!!!
I plan on trying it out tomorrow. I have 26 eggs that I will be taking out of the incubator and placing into the hatcher to hatch while sitting in an egg carton. I'll try to let you know how well they do this Wed./Thur.
I have tried it before because I hatch SOOO many eggs and with 300 in the hatcher rolling around on each other it diminishes the hatch some. I had fairly good results. As long as your humidity is good they just pop the top off and jump out. BUT sometimes the bigger chicks have trouble because they don't have much room in the egg to get themselves free and if you have one pip on the wrong end they will drown.
I have tried it twice now. The first hatch a couple of days ago I had 8 chicks out of 12 eggs and today I had 5 hatch out of 8 eggs. My first hatch I layed the eggs on their side and only 6 out of 11 hatched, so I think it has increased my hatch rate.
Here's my update......I've tried it twice.... I've lost both hatches but it ISN'T due to the method, its my incubators or me. I've been using two old little giants that were stored in the barn for years before I moved to the farm.
After this years losses my husband tonight just bought me a hovabator genesis with the automatic turner.
I'm way excited. He looked at the sportsman with me, and he said "we'll see, someday...."
When it arrives I'll be trying it again.

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