Hatching in an egg carton questions.


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I assume the eggs aren't moved to the carton until day 18, right? Does it need to be cardboard or does it matter if it's a styrofoam carton?

If you have used this method, did you have a good hatch? Better or worse than without it?

I thought of doing this, but was worried the carton under the eggs might cut off some of the humidity that they need or something. I just thought advice from others might help.
I hatch in an egg carton. I use the egg carton for the entire thing.

I have a flat carton that holds 30 eggs, it doesn't go up very high but I cut the bottons out for extra air.

It has eggs in it right now. But tomorrow I will clean it out and take some pictures to show you what I mean.

I just put a block under one side of the incubator, and switch sides 3 times a day.

It works the same as an auto-turner. You don't have to open the incubator, and it's cleaner and quicker.

I think you get the same hatch rates as the normal way. At least I have. Plus as the end it keeps the chicks from rolling the other eggs around which can mess up their pipping position and kill them.

I vote yes, on the carton method for the entire time.
Sounds like a perfect solution to the trampling situation. I always get so nervous that their going to get trapped in the egg due to disorientation...


Anybody else have other experiences...
I've done it both ways. I prefer the carton & dry incubation method. I use the carton for the entire hatch. There is also less mess this way in my opinion, easier cleanup.
I was wanting to try the dry incubation this time as well.

Basicly I believe you put the eggs in and forget about them for a week. Then candle and if humidity is below 25% you add a little water. Ignore them again for a week. Do the same thing. The on the last 18 you go up to 65%.

Correct me if I'm wrong. I've never done it before. But I think I'm going to use that way this time and see if it works.
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