Hatching in an egg carton ?


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I noticed in alot of your pic's, the hatching eggs are in cartons. Is there some benifits to hatching this way ? Paper towels on top of the wire rack ? Is this also benificial ? I will be removing 43 eggs from the auto turner and want to use the best methods for the last three days and hatching.
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PS This is a great site and congrat's to all of you with successful hatches !
I'm going to use that method on my next hatch. The reason I am is because it is also to keep the chicks from rolling the unhatched eggs around and maybe get a better hatch rate.

There's a big 'ol thread about this somewhere on here...I'll dig up a link if someone doesn't beat me to it.

I'm incubating and hatching in cartons this time. I'll have to post pics & let everyone know how it goes....I'm using the cartons as a semi-automatic turner.
Propping up one side, then the other when I need to turn. We'll see what happens!! So far it's nice and neat and orderly. Beats turning each individual egg by hand--I've got 48 eggs cooking right now!
Ooooo!! I have never heard of this method, please, please! More info! Sounds interesting and I am always interested in making life easier in the bator! THANKS Peeps!
Mine are in the process of hatching in an egg carton. I put them in the egg carton on day 18 and increased humidity.

Thanks again "Crunchie" for the eggs!!
I've heard references to that post in other threads, but was unable to find it. Is there not a search function on the site or have I missed it ?

I have eggs in the bator now and plan to move them to cartons to try on day 18 when I stop turning. I saw the other thread and thought I'd give it a go.

I would be afraid they'd get stuck in the carton and not able to get out of the egg. I'm curious about this since I think I lost the other three ducks to the violent one and then Wooster's fellow got rolled like a bowling ball and never got out.

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