Hatching Lovebird Eggs~~Need Help!


11 Years
May 26, 2008
Upstate South Carolina
My friend has a pair of beautiful peach lovebirds. She gets a lot of eggs (she currently has 11). She said I could try to hatch some out myself as she has no had any luck with her birds doing so. After a while, she just scoops them up and throws them away. I have hatched out chicken and duck eggs in my Genesis 1588. I am sure there is a big difference in doing so with these little eggs! Would I need a different incubator such as a Brinsea? I am excited to try this, but isn't it best if the parents hatch them out? She said she gets nice clutches of them and is not even sure if they are fertile. She does believe she has a male and female.

Well, exotic birds are a whole new "field" for me! If anyone has some great information, I am all ears. Thanks so much Everyone.
If she gets 11 eggs at a time, she has two females. Typical clutch-size for lovebirds is from 4 to 6 eggs, occasionally up to 8 (but that would be a big clutch).

If you were to incubate fertile lovebird eggs, you'd be left to hand-feed tiny day-1 chicks, which is not something easy to do. You'll be looking at feeding them by syringe or eye-dropper every hour or so in the beginning, and keeping them in a brooder until they feather out (they'll be almost or completely naked, and blind, when they hatch).


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