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    I'm sure there's been tons of threads about this, but I thought I'd ask anyway... I have a broody RIR hen. I'm not interested in getting chicks specifically from HER, but she will hatch other hens eggs, right? I've got a few EE hens I'd love to get some chicks from but they're not broody at all. So, if I put the EE hens with an EE rooster, how long do they need to be together before the eggs are fertilized? How long should I wait before putting the eggs under my RIR hen? How long before the EE hens are NOT laying fertilized eggs (after removing the roo of course). Is there anything specific I'd need to do with my broody RIR hen and her eggs to help them hatch, or should I just lave her be with them? Sorry, lots of questions.... Thanks [​IMG]
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    Yes, she will set and hatch any eggs. If your ee hens are with a different roo, it will take about 30 days for them to be pure. If they are with no roo, probably 4-5 days should do the trick. You can crack an egg open and tell if it is fertilized before you set any. A fertile egg will have a small bulleye type spot on the yolk. Theoretically the eggs can be fertile for up to 30 days after removing the roo, but it probably depens on how long he has been with them. I would think he would have to be with them for at least a week, and then fertility would drop from week to week.
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    Let's see, I have 3 Polish and one Jersey Giant egg under my buff orpington, I have 3 Polish under my silkie, and some more Polish eggs coming that will go under my Ameraucana. What fun!!!

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