Hatching nervous nelly! Picture included


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Apr 21, 2020
Morning all,

So we have another hatch going and they are in lock down. Candling at day 18 gave me 11 viable eggs, with good air cells we had marked the progress.

3 gold top bantam, 3 partridge wynadott bantams and 5 lemon sablepoot millefleur bantams.

So yesterday we had 2 pipped early on day 20. All good.
This morning we have partially unzipped, the other one is just starting to zip. I think he looks good but would like some input - is the is normal zip. The membrane is translucent or white in patches, and looks quite damp.

We have 2 more pipped this morning.

My humidity is 67 / 70, temps are 37.2 (reduced from 37.5 on lockdown)

Seriously biting my nails! I hate this bit.


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Apr 9, 2013
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Sometimes they can look that way. Your humidity seems good so be patient. The inner membrane has to have holes in it in order for the shell to be pecked away. Monitor to make sure it doesn't get stuck when the chick tries to push out but I think it'll be fine. This is definitely the hardest part!!

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