hatching out eggs with different incuabtion dates

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    May 4, 2009
    i have 2 table top incubators, this is my 2nd hatch and i have eggs that i added on different days, 6 to be exact, i have all in one of the incubators with an egg turner, i am going to use the other incubator without a turner, to place the eggs in on the 17th day, how do i handle moving eggs into the 2nd incubator at different times and losing humidity as i will have to open it on several days to move eggs into it and also to remove hatched out chicks. any suggestions for the best hatch would be appreciated. thanks
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    Try to open your incubators only once or twice a day. And for as short as time as possible. Take any chicks out as you put eggs in. They can last for up to 3 days without food and water. We run successive hatches all the time and don't have any problems. This last year our bator and brooder never shut off for over 4 months.
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    I'm doing the same thing right now but don't have an extra incubator so I am using an electric skillet to remove them from the egg turner. So far one out of five has hatched and one other is pipping.

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