Hatching quail eggs dilemma


Oct 9, 2018
So it's my first time hatching coturnix quail eggs. They are already in incubator for 2 days and I read online that I'm supposed to have them pointy down until day 15. But apparently as a newbie, I did not. They kind of just lay on their side now and it's an automatic turn incubator. So I don't know if I should actually open it up and set each individual egg pointy down or just leave them like how they are now.

I was told I'm not supposed to open it up anytime until day 15 and stop the turner. Sudden opening it and have cool air rushing in is never good for eggs, plus it does take me at least a few minutes to set them pointy down. But on the other hand, if having them pointy down is necessary for hatching rate, I guess I have to open it and fix this? So what should I do now? Thank you.


Oct 29, 2016
Fulton, NY
What type of incubator do you have? That is probably what will determine whether you can put them pointy end down or now. Typically, the foam incubators that have turners in them or cabinet incubators, you can put them pointy end down. However, the little ones like the Brinsea, you lay them on their side and it will roll them around to turn them. Most important thing is that they're being turned, rather than pointy end down. It's to prevent the yolk from sticking to any point on the inside of the egg. As long as it's turned, it shouldn't and you'll be fine.
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