hatching quail PLEASE HELP


8 Years
Jan 3, 2012
The chick is out of the egg but can't free itself due to a thick yellow thing attached to it. Any advice? I tried helping it free but its in pain
It has the bottom part of the egg attched to it with a thick white sac which is connected to a thick yellow/tan substance which is connected to the bird
*GAG* well not sure how to help you, never hatched eggs before just was seeing if I could help ya, it might fix itself but unless you get some help then might have to just let the quail help itself or just let nature take over, I wouldn't want nature to take over but sometimes its all you can do, tell me if he/she makes it, hope he/she does
You could try holding the egg shell down and let the chick pull it on it's own. If it's yellow it's more than likely not vascular so pulling it or cutting it should be okay, just use clean utensils. If you go the pulling route do not pull it off the chick, but rather pull it out of the egg.
In case of bleeding, have something nearby to aid in clotting, cornstarch works wonders. After it scabs over treat it with iodine.

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