hatching qual eggs HELP!!!!


7 Years
Apr 19, 2013
what did you do to have successful hatches I have problems hatching quail eggs they hardly have a have a hatch rate what am I doing wrong,I keep them in the incubator and the egg turner temp is 99.8 I got water in the slots where the water goes. and the three that hatched died and I had none hatch yet out of 33 eggs is it that I bought them from ebay?
Are you monitoring humidity? The first 14 days humidity should be kept between 40-55%. After day 14 stop turning the eggs and raise humidity to 60-70%. You measure humidity with a hygrometer, which you can buy at most garden stores or on Amazon.
I have 80 n the bater now on day on day 9 just candled the eggs I can c them I've tried to keep my humidity at 50% so for so good
I am in South Louisiana and our humidity is off the charts here so I don't worry about it.My sportsman 1502 normally stays around 35% for the entire process until lockdown.At lockdown I raise the humidity to 65% for the hatch.Imo it is more important for your humidity to be correct during lockdown.

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