Hatching QUESTION!!!! (A&M / Coturnix)


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Jan 5, 2010
Medina, TN (near Jackson)
Hey all!

Remember the eggs I got on valentines's day from Lake cumberland that got stuck in the snowstorm? well, THEY'RE HATCHING!!! At least a few of them have, I am up to 6 so far but it has taken a day and a half for the six to hatch..... I feel like more will hatch over the next day or so, but don't want to leave the others in there too long.... When should I crack the lid enough to get the little ones out? I have left them alone, but If this drags out another day or so is it ok to go ahead and leave these or should I go ahead and put them over into the brooder with feed and water?


Quail are not like chickens and need to be taken out of the hatcher once they are dry
So the ones that are hatched and dry can go in the brooder. Yay for hatching!
Ok, that's what i thought, but I also remember reading not to open the 'bator during hatching because of possible problems with those still trying to hatch..... I got them out, they are in the brooder now with water, food, and grogel. I am up to 8 as of right now, let's hope they continue to hatch throughout the night!

Wish me luck!

Thanks for the replies!

set a time to pull the dry babies.. I normally pull every 2 hrs...
this way you are not opening the bator every few mins and thus causing possible humidity issues.
But They need food and water asap like everyone said
A fluffy bird in the hand beats 2 in the bush.

Definitely remove any fuzzy butts from the bator. The only reason anyone says..."Don't break Lock down" is because they wish to discourage people bent on loving and squeezing and float testing and busting out chicks.

Is anyone able to govern their passions?

Dry chick to brooder...No brainier!
So, out of 80 eggs shipped, 18 were either cracked or broken...... I put the remaining 62 in the bator. 11 hatched. 6 Jumbo browns and 5 A&M's..... The last one hatched about 14 hours ago. How much longer should i wait? I feel like they are probably through, but I don't want to throw them out too early if there's a chance i could get a couple more to hatch. (I set them on Valentines day)

Oh well, Lake Cumberland will never get anymore of MY money.......

Anybody know of someone in west tennessee who sells live birds?? I really wanted to start with a few more birds than this but dont want to hatch anymore right now..... I'm kinda disgusted with the whole thing.

What day are you on? I pack it up around day 22 for coturnix. (THE DAY YOU SET THEM IS DAY ZERO, 24 HOURS LATER IS DAY ONE).

Say what you want about the customer service, I'll agree. LC has poor customer service. Apparently answering 50 questions from people that don't know what they are doing, just isn't their bag.
They do have some fine genetic stock if they ever ship it to you.

There is something about the numbers that confuses me. 80 is an odd number, also the mix is wrong. Are you sure you got these from LC? It may just be me, but the numbers are not working out for me.

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