Hatching Shipped eggs..............to use egg carton or not????


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Sep 16, 2014
hello everyone. i am getting ready to go into lockdown for about 10 shipped eggs. i have read many forums about whether to hatch in egg cartons or not to. i have had successful hatches without egg carton but that was hatching my own eggs with intact air cells. i was wondering if anyone had any advice, suggestions, or experience with the best method they found for hatching shipped eggs. many of my eggs have large saddle shaped air cells at the moment. the position they have been in thus far is upright in the turner. appreciate any help greatly. thank you so much!
I usually unplug the turner and leave the eggs in it. So they are held up right like a carton i guess. They seem to hatch fine.

I am sorry I caught your post so late...I hope your hatch went well?
I have incubated three times and used egg cartons all the way through in my still air...my new 'bator has a turner too, so I will be using egg cartons during lock down for this latest batch...
I use the top of the carton for local eggs
and I am still debating which side of carton I will use for shipped eggs...probably the top again...depending on how many eggs make it to lock down and how many carton tops I can squeeze into the bator bottom.
Hatch went well,next week last hatch out for yr will try your egg carton trick LOL
How did you end up hatching them? And how big were the saddle shaped air cells? I have 5 eggs with very large saddle shape air cells (also shipped eggs) and its my first time hatching. Wondering which is the best way to help them hatch.

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