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Why are silkies so hard to hatch? i had a batch of 6 which failed to hatched seemed most died early on then had another batch of 6 and the same happened now i have a batch of 8 4 of which were infertile and 2 which died early on the other 2 are in lockdown today. i candled them before lockdown 1 was definantly moving unsure on the other one.
why are they so hard????
I'm not sure if they are harder to hatch, I have not tried to hatch any other breed. Sorry no help there. I have noticed that when I incubate, not all of the eggs hatch. They all seem to start developing, then some quit here and there. I have silkies that I know are very fertile (I have 1 roo with 2 hens) and have not had any eggs not develop in incubation. I would be willing to GIVE you eggs if you wanted to pay the $15 for shipping. I hate hearing a fellow BYC member getting frustrated spending money to incubate eggs that don't hatch, I've been there and know the feeling.
I have only hatched 4 times (once with a broody and three times with an incubator). Two of my hatches were silkies. I didn't find them harder to hatch than the other breeds.

Check your temp, humidity, etc.

Brinsea.com has a free downloadable incubation handbook that I recommend.
well my temp and humidity must be okay as i have hatched 8 other chicks of different breed this is why i dont know why they wont hatch.
No clue then, sorry!
You know I am having the SAME problem. I have had a few batches of eggs and only one or two not fertile or develop. I have got 2 batches of silkies and with one had 12 eggs and only 5 started to develop and then 8 eggs and only 3 have started. The others got 16 Welsummers with only 1 not start and 1 quitter, got 12 Polish with only 2 not start and no quitters. Have 12 Cochin and only 3 not start.. Grrrrr
I put my first batch of 8 Silkie eggs into the incubator yesterday...I know that I should candle at like 10 days right? If there is no movement, take them out or just leave them? What if because I am knew I screw up...I will be so upset. i'm pretty sure mine are fertile bc i've seen by boys and girls being "social". Also, what is "bloom" of the egg?
I had the same problem over around 20 hatches setting 6 each time I ended up 6 birds that included some seriously deformed ones which I can only put down to interbreeding by the seller
. I then decided to buy some adults that were a quite expensive but gorgeous and colours that I really wanted but had never hatched

Then I got some in a lucky dip auction on Ebay all 6 hatched
Tried again and 6/6 hatched 18 more in the bator at the moment 16 fertile I'm thinking it's down to the dry hatching which I do now
I find them hard to!!! out of 15 eggs 12 were fertile and only 3 hatched!!!! all females. my second hatch i got 12 eggs all were fertile. one hatched but it had its inside out so it died
( i will now hatch one more time at the ebd of march
I agree,

I've hatched all different kinds of eggs and I find the most difficult to hatch are silkies and certain pheasant. Howver, stick silkie eggs under a silkie and youll get a 100% hatch.. It seems to me that maybe they are a little bit more temperamental?. It could be me.. I don't treat them any different than any other birds.
Go figure..

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