hatchinglings damaged other eggs set to hatch


14 Years
Feb 17, 2009
North Georgia
Some of my ducks while hatching damaged other eggs that still haven't hatched , removing about an 1nch by inch or so piece in middle of egg, and a smaller piece on another, I removed the first ones ,but still have a day or so for others to hatch.
What should I do ? Trying to keep hatcher closed... but eggs don't have same hatch date... I learned to late to set them so they will hatch on same date, but my Hookbills seemto hatch earlier than runners or silkies
update: smell made me check rest of eggs, all were dead and filled shell, like they got too big,some had pipped externally, some internally only, some not at all....so ... I still have goose eggs in there, one is pipping.
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