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Mar 28, 2018
I have free range game chickens, and they are starting to nest and sit. Well one of my hens hatched out yesterday and came off the nest today. I went to make sure all doobies made it out and found one still peeping out the shell. I brought it in and put it in the incubator, and remoistned the membrane and helped him hatch on out? It's been over 24 hrs since the others hatched, I don't know how long he sat trying to hatch, and now he's sluggish and lethargic acting. My question is how long should I wait before I try to get her to eat and drink and is the sluggish thing normal?? I've never helped them hatch have before. She was a pullet hen and new to hatching.
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One reason why I never let pullets sit... Although she may well done the right thing if she's got other chicks and this one was late.

It should be trying to eat and drink once it can get it's legs under it. If it isn't warm enough it won't gain enough energy to try and do that. I crush the crumble a little extra and drop it in front of them.

And do a drip or water directly below the nostril (vitamins and electrolytes preferred), and they usually instinctively gobble and swallow when it roles around into their beak.

Lethargy and sleepiness aren't quite the same thing and can be hard to tell apart. That babe will be very sleepy most likely.

Once it's moving around pretty good you can try to tuck it back in the nest at night with the others if there are more.


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