Hatchlings, Abandoned Eggs and a Pip!


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Apr 21, 2010
Upper Montgomery County
I have a broody hen that hatched 6 chicks last Friday/Saturday (my first hatch ever). She's been off and on the remaining eggs repeatedly. Yesterday I came home to find 7 eggs strewn about her kennel, one completely destroyed with a fully grown chick dead inside the membrane.

Well, I collected the strewn eggs, and put them under a heat lamp - I don't have an incubator. I candled them and found at least one dud. One completely dark with a an air sac on the big end, and two with strong veining and a big blob in it. I put them back under the heat lamp. About an hour or so later I went to check on them an one piped (sp?). It's just the little crack, no beak. The temps dropped below 90 last night even with the lamp on them. But this morning I did notice that the pip seemed a little larger, then again it could be wishful thinking.

So today, after reading the "bra" post I'm trying the same thing. Me and my egg are at the office trying to work. I keep thinking I'm hearing things every few hours or so, but I could be way off. No change in the pip size.

Is there any chance of survival or am I wasting my time?

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