Hatchlings at 5 weeks

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    Oct 26, 2013
    I love these Orpingtons, both of them brooded this year. One is about a year younger than the other. I have a mixed flock for sure all are heritage chicks except the cross breeds. I now have 6 cross breeds. A Hen that was crossed between a silver laced rooster, and an Isa brown. Who is a great large egg layer. These new ones came from Miles Standish, my barred rock Rooster, and leghorns, New Hamphires, and the Wysa, Isa or Orps.
    [​IMG]The only one I am sure of is the rooster, and Leghorn, because all of the other hens lay brown eggs except them. I don't mind the mixed breeds, they are still heritage mixed except for the Sweet isa's. When I started to replenish the flock I ordered the RI reds because they are also suppose to be good brooders. I might put Miles out of the coop, next spring and buy a Wyandotte, Roo. I am trying to breed for the pea comb it gets cold here in winter. I am fairly sure the 4 barred are 2 hens and 2 roosters by wing sexing them at a day old. The white leghorn mix is a hen.

    I prefer to have my hens brood, rather than incubate simply because I do not want to be momma hen. And they do a great job of keeping them warm after hatching. They are about the age, when she will wean them away from her, she is less protective of them with the rest of the flock. They still feel comfortable around her. The other Babies are now young pullets and still trying to find their pecking order in the coop. I have a 2 room coop, I will make sure the pullets are doing fine in the main room flock, and put the small ones in the back room for the next few weeks.

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