Hatchlings due mid november


7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
I am so excited that Ihave a broody hen trying to hatch 3 eggs. I have her in a seeparate cage and all comfy. I have a heat lamp near her but not too near. The temps are in 40's during day and maybe into mid 30's at night. Not freezing but certainly cold. Should i bring her cage into house until peeps are older? Should i just move heat lamp closer? Not sure what is best. This is my first hen hatch.
Is where she is now dry and out of the wind? If so, she should be fine. If you move her she might leave the nest.
I have hatched many chicks using broody hens in just a nest box in the run. Almost always hatched near 100%.
I think she will do fine.
She is out of the wind completely, as well as nice and dry. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I will keep her where she is and just let nature take its course. Hate to fuss too much but don't want to neglect her either. Wish me luck! Well.....wish her luck.

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