Hatefull rooster free. Central Florida


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Sep 11, 2008
Groveland, in Central Florida
Really. I have had it with this sob.
He's a less than 2 year old speckled sussex rooster.

He hates people. Won't mess with the cats or the dog, just us.
He's not mean to the hens or the other little roo.

He just chased me into the house.

I can hear him out there, laughing. OK, cackling.

I don't have to desire to kill him or eat him, so I'm giving him away.
I've tried holding him, treats, sweet talk, everything.
So - before he ends up getting smacked with a shovel, take him!
Awwwww, he looks so... well..... mean as daylights, to be honest.

You need to carry around a 5 foot length of 1/2 inch PVC pipe, labeled the "RoosterBGood Stick" like I do. Every time you go outside, walk right through him. Make him move for you. Whack him if you have to. If you see him taking advantage of a lady hen, kick him off. That tells him you're top rooster.

I'm doing this with some newer roos to make sure they don't think of getting all uppity. If I had your guy, though, I'd seriously be wearing the gun belt, too.
He sounds Godzilla, my Buff Brahma rooster, the nastiest rooster ever born. I hand raised him, loved him, and nurtured him and he hates my guts. We all carry "rooster sticks" with us in the yard just in case he comes after us. The funny thing is I have 2 other roosters and he is third in the pecking order. The other roosters are friendly and sweet but Godzilla is a monster.

I can't kill him so I guess I'm stuck with him.
I am having a swap/sale oct 10th. Winter Haven, POLK County.
Link below, you could see if someone wants him!

Kelly is having one also nov 21st, polk city!
The only good place for a hateful rooster is in the soup pot. I would never offer a mean rooster to someone else in fear he would hurt someone. Roosters can be very dangerous. Please screen the new home carefully to ensure there are no children. Good luck with your boy.
I agree with hinkjc on this. He really needs the nickname chicken & dumpling & be sent to rooster camp asap. Good luck
I agree with hinkjc too. No place for a mean roo. If you are set on rehoming him then make sure you let the new owners know about his attitude. I wouldn't give him away to anyone unless they were going to kill him and eat him.

Good luck.
If he is a young Roo.....turn him upside down and cut those spurs off of him.....then use that RoosterBGood stick.....and spend time around him. Maybe whack him a time or two when he isnt in an aggressive mode and put him on the run...he will eventually back down. IF he is an older Roo.....bring out the Soup starter......everything you need...............except the meat...and it sounds like that is well within reach.

If you were closer, I would take him. I like a challenge.

Good Luck!!!!!

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