have a bird would like type and gender help with


Jul 15, 2020
anyone know what this bird has in it. it hatched 4 days early has ear mufs no tail steel gray legs though white skin under. has rose or pea comb no idea of gender. was to be frizzled easter egger but not frizzled. only one that hatched though the orpington from papas did well same incubation. none of the orpington from my pet chicken hatched only this odd bird hard to see muffs and lack of tail


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thank you its the color then when size dose not help? the lavender laced with it I think is male but really not sure. im afraid all but one are male. thanks for teaching us new comers.
Easter Egger cockerel. Only 50% of Frizzle chicks will be frizzled. Because Frizzles only have one frizzling gene, if they had two they would be Frazzles. So responsible breeders don’t breed frizzles together. Frazzles have a lot of health issues.

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