have baby runner ducks but need find them homes asap


10 Years
Nov 1, 2009
portland oregon

I am in Portland Oregon and I just hatched my first clutch of runner ducks and it was Awesome. My plan was to wait until they were old enough to sex and give them to my most favorite friends in perfect little groups.. However, unexpectedly I have to go into the hospital (super scared) for a period of time and will be laid up in bed for weeks after. My poor partner is going to be overwhelmed as it is trying to do what I do everyday. So now I am sooo stuck with the most wonderful baby ducks that need wonderful homes before Wednesday. What horrible luck. Email me for info. at [email protected] Thanks BYC. I heart you!
I'm in pa and i have a runner duck with my pekings. They really are so friendly. When i give mine corn he jumps in my lap and i hand feed him.
Put this in the for sale section and you might get a better response.
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