Have I guessed right on breeds OEGB/Jap. Bant.(pics)


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10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
Northern Indiana
Black-Japanese Bant. Rooster 13wks. old, crowing since 7 wks. old
Silver??-OEGB Hen 13wks., no crowing yet

Here's a pic at a few days old

OEGB Hen? Not crowing at 13 wks. Silver Something? color

Black Rooster "Sue" Jap. Bant.?

He has black coloring on legs

I've been looking on here and feathersite, not sure about breed
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the second picture, even without the crow, I think is roo unless you're not talking about the one in the front. Black rooster doesn't quite have the right tail for a jap. I believe the Japs all have yellow legs.
Thanks for the help. Guess I won't be able to keep them
both. They get along good right now and actually
huddle together, but I'm thinking that will change real
soon. The black one is like a little General, short legs
and tail erect when he walks. The silver one doesn't
hold tail up over back like black one and it has long legs.
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