Have I lost my mind?


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8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western Kentucky
Yesterday went to check on the chickens and it was near 90 degree so I sat a fan for my chicken so they would stay cool. Lucky chickens.
I have a box fan hooked up in the coop for the girls that are laying. It is hanging above the nest boxes. haven't had to turn it on yet, but will probably soon. Oh and another thing I do to help them keep cool- I ice their water. Yep they have the 5 gallon bucket waterers and I freeze 2 liter bottle and put in the bucket, fill up with cold well water, put on base and flip. Keep their water cold for awhile. They seem to really enjoy it
I thought of doing that.My husband says i have gone chicken crazy.i was so worried about them yesterday i kept going in the coop and run area and pouring water on the ground trying to cool them down.also filled milk jugs of water and freezing them to put in their
coop trying to cool them not sure if it helps or not.my husband is not understanding at all.he says they will be fine.

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