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Jun 14, 2012
temp of incubator is 98-101...but somehow today morning it goes down to 96.5 so, i put off the cpu fan, and that time humidity was around 35-40... but when i switch off the fan humidity shoots up to 72, and temp also comes to 99.3, i switch on the fan again and within five minutes humidity come back to 40...
now my questions are
~do we need to run the fan for 24hours? or we can off it and if yes then for how much time?
~on last 3 days when i need to rise the humidity can i switch off the can so that i get humidity around 70?
I wouldn't turn the fan off. It helps keep the temp's steady. A lot of the styrofoam incubators drop a few degrees in the cooler hours. As long as its not for a long period of time it will be ok. As far as humidity on the last 3 days there's a lot of ways to bring it up. You can add wet sponges,small jars of water, wet paper towels.
More info on you're incubator as far as brand or home made, if you have a auto turner. Info like that will make it easier for people to answer you're question.
its just a simple styrofoam box in which i install 15watt white bulb and a 12watt cpu fan, i am truning eggs 3 times a day, for humidity i have put wet sponge....there are 12 eggs in that 4 of regular chicken and 8 of bantams...
if sometimes temp decreases then i off the fan to get back the temp right? and one more thing do i need holes on the box for ventilation? i dont have hole on it..
Ive never done a homemade incubator. Do a search on homemade ones there is lots of good info on making you're own. You need holes for air exchange and oxygen. The holes are going to change you're temp and humidity. Do the search and read up on it you will get way better advice that way. When the temp drops how long does it take to come back up if you don't turn the fan off?

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