have several chickens with white stuff on face where it used to be red


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Apr 22, 2010
Brockport, NY
I have a several chickens that have developed a white "scale" ? on their faces, does not appear coming from their ears . At first I thought ammonia poisoning ? but the coop is cleaned out and then it developed days later. A few have puffy features . My coop does get sparrows flying in ( the darn things!) as I have the front door open ( yard is fenced) I have given them lots of vitamin A via fresh winter squash. it is just on the face , no coughing or sneezing or ill appearing in any other way. ( legs look fine, no scale) Coop has good ventilation................I am at a loss on how to help them get rid of this . I have not yet medicated their water . But I am going to do this today .
Any thoughts?

thanks , but no. This is not moult related. As a few birds have puffy eyes and it is on the face where they don't have feathers............wish it was from moulting

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