Have to share - Craigslist find =D (move if needed!)

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  1. I was cruising craigslist and came across this and just was ROLLING!

    Trade Bantam Roosters for Bantam Hens funny story - (Chapel Hill)

    I guess like most folks who think one day 'hey, raising a few chickens would be kinda nice and besides there's a bonus of fresh eggs' don't take the time to fully think it through because that's just what I did and went out and got me 12 hens. Well you can't very well have hens without a hubby so one day while roaming on CL I saw an ad for a free rooster and you'd get 2 cochin hens if you took him since he liked to fight. Sounded like a deal to me, waking up every morning to cocka doodle doo and all was fine until one of the cochin hens was a boy but not to fear I thought now I have a pair so there will eventually be couchins. Now if you've gotten this far were talkin bantams here and they are great little birds however I wasn't aware of how prolific Ralph my rooster was going to be because since last spring my little flock of 15 has now grown to 34. Still this didn't seem to be a issue since I thought, 'great more hens' however this isn't always the case as I also have 5 or six new roosters. Needless to say the girls are working overtime running away and poor ole Ralph doesn't know what to think should he grab him a gal or chase away his youngins'. Anyway a hawk got my favorite Henny Penny who was a golden so I figured if anyone was interested why not trade these extra roosters for some hens this way the flock won't get all stupid looking and walking funny or oinking instead of crowing from inbreeding. If a trade sounds just ducky to you give me a shout you can have your pick as long as it's not Louie the Black Cochin or Ralph my girls stud muffin. Call Ray at *********** for one of these horney youngins. Will also consider ducks, turkeys, geese, emu's and bats.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Kootenays of BC!
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    Oct 9, 2010
    What the...?[​IMG]
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    Dec 19, 2010

    That was an awsome post haha!

    Poor guy...lol...!
  5. I was reading this and I knew I had to share it, I couldn't be the only one to laugh my tail about off. I have an uncle who talks just about exactly how this gentleman writes, and I'm picturing my uncle (great uncle - 73 yrs old now) reciting this ad with grandeur hand gestures, a knee slap, and head shakes. [​IMG]
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    Dec 14, 2010
    As someone that has perused CL many times looking for a great addition to my flock, I have seen a few really funny posts as well. That one, my dear, beats any I have seen down here in Greenville, SC. Thank you much. I really enjoyed that one.

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