Have to tell this story...


5 Years
Jun 18, 2014
So this is a story about when our chickens started laying in about September or October. We originaly had just Luna laying in the nesting box, then in the next two days we had all 4 eggs from all of our chickens! Either the other 3 laied on the same day or they had already been laying eggs in diffrent places and then they saw Luna laying the egg in the nesting box so they learned to lay their from her. Any thoughts? Has this happened to you?
That's the way of hens. If they see one lay her eggs in a nest, then they all think it's a capital idea to lay there, too, sometimes trying to get in the nest at the same time.

The problem is that too many eggs accumulating in one nest increases the likelihood of broken eggs, so I sometimes salt the other nests with a fake wooden egg. It works as good as real eggs in making a nest look attractive to hens. This works especially well when training pullets to lay in the proper place.

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