Have two abandoned mallard eggs in my incubator one pipped and zipped 11 hours after pipping on the 29th day. On the 30th day , 2nd egg pipped no zipp

So then how do i help it ?
I wouldn't "help" (assist with a zip) until the chick is partially out and it stopped. Seriously, they are much more capable than most people give them credit for. When I spoke before I thought we were talking about an assist. Do a search for this using the search button at the top. It's been a hot topic around here.
Always let the chick struggle a little before assisting.
Welcome to BYC! Hang in there. I personally assist when needed. I've done it 3x, all female chicks from the same hen. (Her eggs are rounder than normal) The chicks I've helped have been good, strong ones. I can't advise on mallards, but with chicks I wait until 48 hours or more after they have pipped and not made enough progress.

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