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    The more I research to make sure I am doing things right the more I get confused as to what type of chicken I want .
    I am only getting a small number of chicks (5) , but now my kids would like colored eggs as well as the docile pet breed of chicken .

    Is it possible to have 5 different type of chickens ( one of each breed) , if all are raised from chicks together and are supposed to be docile breeds ? Or do I try to just get 6 , 2 of each breed - would that be better ?

    3 breeds I had in mind so far were Brahma , Wyandotte , Ameracuana , . These are some of the breeds I can get locally .
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    You can mix most breeds without any problems.
    You could get 1 each of 6 breeds....tho 2 of each breed can be good in case you lose 1.
    A mix of breeds is good for beginners because you get to see what they all are like.

    Only couple things I can think of that might be issues are:
    Large fowl with Bantams.
    Silkie and/or Polish (because their head gear can inhibit their eyesight making them targets) mixed with 'sighted' birds.

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