having an indoor rabbit when you already have cats and dogs


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Aug 19, 2009
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Does anyone have pet rabbits that live inside with your cats and dogs? I've had rabbits before, but they were always outside in hutches and pens.

I'm just curious how it works - I'd imagine it's similar to bringing a new kitten home...eventually everyone (meaning older cats and dogs) will loose interest and leave the little thing alone.
I have done it over and over with cats, but in the end my rabbits moved outside they were doing too much damage (walls, cords, floors).

I now have a greyhound and don't think it would work anymore...

Your dog/s will have to have a "leave it" command.

I never started with baby bunnies always nearly grown and the cats pretty much ignored them... after that I got the smaller breeds (lionhead) .
We're raising litters inside the house and while we don't own a dog we have one completely indoor cat and we have had a friends pit bull over and after the initial meet and greet of the animals we haven't had an issue. Okay well maybe my one doe loves the cat a little too much and will tease him into playing with her.
It would depend on the individual personalities of the animals though. I wouldn't imagine putting a terrier breed or hunting breed with a small breed rabbit unless the individual animals were compatible. Best thing is to have a trial for the pets and see how they do if one doesn't work it doesn't mean they all won't work just remember to supervise them until you are sure they are safe together. And even then watch them closely as accidents can still happen, not that they will but it is possible. And good luck on your bunny adventure!
It depends entirely on your rabbit, cat, and dog. I had an English angora inside rabbit with my cat and cattle dog. My dog seems to have about as much prey drive as a cucumber. She's more into the creepily licking of and making friends with critters than the eating of them. My cat loved playing with the bun (angoras are a fairly good size too, and look bigger when not sheared), and scampered around him all day. But, even so they were never left unsupervised. So, know your animals, and consider larger breeds too if your dog or cat go after smaller critters but not bigger ones. Keep in mind that rabbits can deliver powerful kicks to animals such as cats, can break their own backs if aggravated into kicking too hard, and have thin skin that rips easily under claws, so watch carefully for stress and even just an annoyed swipe of a paw.
Personally, I don't know. However one of my cat's has killed a full-grown rabbit before... It really depends on the animal.
It's all in how your other animals react.. My dogs don't do anything..
I put my new bunny in a hutch outside because.. I also have baby goats inside..I was like oh no no no..I can't handle another pet inside..my son won her at a fair last week

She is the cutest thing..and goes potty in her little litter box in the corner of her cage

Once the goat pen is up..iam going to move the hutch in that area..okay maybe..lol

Thought chicken pen area, and then place a smaller fence around her hutch.. And then realized..lol the chicken pen has no more grass in it..lol

For now she is right up against my fence outside my back door..I feel so guilty with her outside..but we being her inside an hour a day with us..and we hang outside so much she sees us all day long..and then I let her out to romp around the yard about an hour a day..I do need to get these goats outside soon then I will take their exercise pen and place that around her hutch so she can go in and out of her hutch on her own choosing during the day

Good luck to u..
My 2 small house dogs and house cat get along fine with my bunny (smudgie) but I don't leave her out unattended 'cause she chews everything. Smudge is pretty small, but loves to chase the dogs, the cat and anyone who will run from her. So she is the scourge of the chickens during the day, is allowed out in the house for about a half hour in the evening then goes back in her cage for overnight. I would never allow my big dog near her unattended or she would be lunch.
Yes I was able to but only after I got the bunny fixed....he kept catching Woody my cat and humping him. Woody was less than amused and got to where he did not want to come inside. When he did he did most of his navigating around the house by jumping from one piece of furniture to another. AH! I miss my bunny.

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