Having an issue!!!!!


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8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Ontario Canada
When my chicken went broody my parents had placed 6 chicken eggs under her and 2 duck eggs aswell for 3 days staight for a total of 6 duck eggs for a batch of 12 eggs total. none of the chicken eggs hatched and two days ago the first set of ducklings hatched and yesterday the second. Well the third set of ducklings are supposed to hatch today, you can here pipping and see egg movement. Well then hen jumped off the nest with the other 4 ducklings to show them how to eat and would not go back on the other two eggs. What i did was take those to eggs and placed them on the coop where she was sitting now with the ducklings and she did cover the eggs with her wing. Did i do the right thing or is there a slim chance of these 2 eggs even hatching now?

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