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May 22, 2019
A cypress swamp in FL
Greetings folks!

The point of this project is to make a cute and marketable bantam crossbred designer chicken. Something I can learn from, enjoy doing, and hopefully sell some to help with the feed bill.

The birds being used are a frizzle Dun Barred Cochin bantam male over Mille Fleur d'Uccle girls.

The d'Uccle girls where hatched here and are from a local breeder friend's flock. I did hatch hatch a "perfect" 1m/3f quad including a frizzle girl, but I'm not trying to compete with a friend (especially with her own bloodline).

Now this same friend has recently taken a turn in what she breeds for in LF, and I'm taking her lead bantam style. She recently devoted a pin to a frizzle mottled Eng Orp and a blue Cochin roosters over various colored Brahma, Eng Orp, and golden cuckoo Marans hens. Her goal is large fluffy butt birds in various colors/patterns/textures.

My goal is to make something unique and cute. I wasn't able to find much info on this cross being done. I only found about 5 pictures. Some looked great, some didn't. I'd like to see the Cochin body shape and tail with a d'Uccle head/beard/neck. I'd assume feathered feet are borderline guaranteed. It would be nice if they get foot feathers more like the d'Uccle (longer/thicker feathers). The first generation will (or I think it will) all be barred. From there the color and pattern combinations should go all over the map in following generations. .

Before someone lets me know I can't breed frizzle x frizzle, I wont be. The frizzle girl and cockerel I hatched are being sold this weekend. I'll be picking up the bantam Cochin cockerel in the next couple of day. None of the birds are breeding age yet, so this thread likely won't grow fast. I just want to start putting some thoughts "down on paper."

Anywho, if you've made it this far, thanks. I'll get some pictures of the birds here soon.
Okay the little Cochin fella has been here a few days now, and I think he's going to do good here. For starters he's pretty small for a bantam Cochin which is what I wanted for the d'Uccle girls. I've named him Sir Frizz A'lot.

I've had to alter my plans a bit. I only have 2 smooth feather d'Uccle pullets and would like this guy to have 5-6 girls. My ideal setup for the pin is 1 rooster 4 breeder girls and 1-2 Silkie mothers. So I need 2 more breeder girls.

The breeder I got the d'Uccle eggs from had an incubator mishap and doesn't have any chicks right now, and I'd have to hatch more eggs.

Well I happen to have found bantam Khaki Polish hatching eggs which goes along with the Dun genetics great. They arrived today, and will set tomorrow.
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