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    My Incubator is working just fine I think, its just that I can't get the right temp and hold it there. I want to get it to 90's but it ether goes over or under the right temperature. I don't know much about incubator's. When I get the incubator into the right temperature will it hold it? I also have a egg turner. This is kind of frustrating. I think it should have numbers on the side to tell me what temperature it is.

    Here are some pictures of it.

    Side view

    I think they should have put numbers indicating the right temps. [​IMG]

    Top veiw

    I took the top off so you can see the egg turner.

    I think it holds 25 eggs. I'm not sure.

    It came with this.

    The heater I think. I don't know much!

    Anyway I just want to know more about incubator's and how they work.

    Thank you!
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    I have the same one. It's a Little Giant. Fist of all, get rid of that thermometer and get one with a hygrometer, too. Secondly, that temp adjuster if very touchy. You just have to move it the tiniest bit and it will go up or down at least a degree or two. When you reach the correct temp, just do what I did and mark the knob and the silver paper so you'll know where it needs to be set at every time after this. When it comes time for incubation... well good luck with the humidity. It gets a bit jumpy with mine. Good luck. [​IMG] Hope this helps.
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    Quote:Thank you! I was moving the knod waay to much. Good idea about marking the spot! [​IMG] Thank you!
  4. TinyChickenLady

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    You are very welcome! Enjoy your next hatch [​IMG] Good luck!
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    Aug 11, 2011
    I have the same one. I am trying to figure out the correct temps as well. I think I have found it but in a little bit it might be different. TinyChickenLady-I have thought about getting rid of the thermometer that it came with and getting a hygrometer. I think it would be a lot easier to work with.
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    Quote:I'll consider getting a hygrometer then. Thank you! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I would definately recommend it [​IMG] I found out after my first hatch that I really needed that hydrometer.
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    Quote:another option, find a large button or disk of some sort (1" or larger in diameter) and hot glue it to the top of the adjuster knob (stick?) then you can turn it and get a better feel for how much you are going... easier to turn just a teeny bit too, if it's got a larger top.

    you can get digital thermometer/hygrometers on ebay for under$10 with shipping. i got 4 recently for 7.25 each with free shipping. ebay goofed and doubled my order and return shipping was practically half of what I paid, so i said heck with it and kept em... they are not dead on accurate but when used with multiple thermometers that are calibrated with a known accurate one it gives you a better idea where you're at. I used a livestock thermometer (mercury bulb) since it's almost dead on, and used hot water to calibrate the thermometers that came with the 'bators. the digital ones vary by about .5 degrees (compared with the factory ones that I calibrated) but I just write on them what the variance is so I know what # to aim for... the hygrometer isn't 100% accurate either, but for me it's more a ballpark 'do i need to add water or take some out?' kinda question. incubating I keep it between 30-40% and hatching it goes up above 60%... I don't think humidity is as critical as temp is for hatching...
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    You can take a bottle lid, cut a small x in it and place it over the adjuster, that will give you better control when adjusting it. I have the same one but have only used it for a hatcher so far for eggs that the hen stopped setting on. I also was told that the turner adds heat so you want to adjust your temp with the turner running.
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    Jan 5, 2011
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