Having Thyroid removed..... any tips on making it easier.....

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    After my new ENT found a large lump on my thyroid during a routine visit , having a biopsy to make sure it was not cancer ( by the size of it they thought for sure it was) and waiting and more tests and ultrasounds, as it grew more the Endocrinologist finally agreed it needed to be removed. Duh... been telling them..... most of the women in my family have thyroid issues. Beauticians been asking me for years if I had a problem with my thyroid as my hair has gotten thinner...... I get tired a lot etc...tests always came back neg. I am hoping it will help improve some of my health issues even though they said my thyroid itself is working normally by the test results, but my mom , who has thyroid disorder, has told me for years I have issues. So, if you have had this done.... what did they do, what did you get put on and what would have made it an easier process.....
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    Had it done years ago. It was a very simple sort of operation, I've had no issues, and no one even sees the scar unless I tell them. [​IMG]

    I asked the surgeon to leaves as much of it as he could, because I figure it's there for a reason, but I still take thyroid pills to suppress it.
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    Apr 21, 2010
    I just went through this same thing a few months ago. I went in for my regular check up in June and the doctor noticed the growth on my thyroid by feeling my neck. I never had any issues with it before. An ultrasound showed five growths but only one was questionable as to whether it was malignant. A biopsy was inconclusive. The doctor said it was hypercellular, so I needed surgery. He removed the left side of my thyroid , where the growth in question was, and it was checked for cancer while I was still in the OR. Turns out it was not cancer so they left the right side of my thyroid. I had a one night stay in the hospital. If it wasn't for the headache I had when I woke up from surgery I would not have needed any pain medicine. The headache was due to not having any coffee that day. As soon as I could have coffee, my husband grabbed me a cup from the coffee shop in the hospital. I didn't need any pain medicine from that point on. I have been put on medicine as what is left of my thyroid hasn't stepped up to the plate to take care of things. The doctor told me that could happen. I take 88 mcg of levothyroxine once a day.

    All in all, it was pretty simple. I have about a 2 inch scar. I missed 7 days of work. I sometimes wonder about being tired though. I don't know if it is just getting up at the crack of dawn and working a full time job and then coming home to another full time job or if it is my thyroid. I am 54 yo now so it could go either way. I have enough energy to get through the day, but when I finally do sit down, I usually fall asleep.

    Good luck with your surgery. It won't be bad. Keep us informed as to how things are going.

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    Zoo I am going through this right now and have been since July. My thyroid went hyperactive in a major way! I dropped to 78 lbs, my thyroid was HUGE and I have been being heavily medicated since July, including iodine. I am looking for a new Endo because this one is a surgical happy PITA. With the medication, my thyroid is barely swollen now and my thyroid count can be controlled if the doctor would allow it but he is determined to have me get it removed, I am not so determined. My reasons:

    1. To take me from extremely Hyper to a complete hypo (in essence) situation would be very difficult to adjust, it can take years as I am finding out for the thyroid to become regulated normally with medication, it is not a quick fix;

    2. There is a risk with the surgery of damage to the vocal cords and laraynx that you should be aware of;

    3. Excessive weight gain is a real problem when the thyroid id removed which can lead to other issues as you know


    4. You have time...research research and research some more and talk to other physicians and maybe another Endo first

    Once it is gone it is gone and you no longer have a choice on how you deal with it.

    Another important thing...have a couple of full CDC panels ran and check all the other systems in your body so you know that is all you are dealing with. Also x-rays chest down. My idiot has not done that in months. I was in a. Car accident on Nov. 1 and went to a chiro on Nov 3...he did x-rays and on the 5th I was shown an abdominal aorta aneurysm. Had I let the Endo do surgery a month ago, the idiot would have killed me.

    So, go in eyes wide open and know what you are dealing with First, rarely is it 'just' the thyroid. [​IMG]
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    Apr 21, 2010
    Cetawin is right. There is a risk to your vocal cords and larynx with the removal of your thyroid. During my surgery, there was a doctor there who was monitoring the nerves leading to those things and I remember coming to after the surgery and they were telling me to "say something". I don't know what I said but I must have said something as they were all happy. My voice was raspy for a few days but was soon back to normal. I know that it is important to educate yourself when you are faced with something like this. I kind of felt that if there was something in there that didn't belong, I wanted it out. I asked the doctor if all of the growths could be removed without taking out my whole thyroid and that wasn't an option. He told me that the risks, that Cetawin mentioned, are greater with a total removal. So...I still have nodules in there.
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    I had half of mine removed....it was just over night . have blood work done they may need to set your synthroid pills . i start with 75 mcg but up to 125 mcg ...mine when find but i had a great Dr.
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    I had a multi-nodular goiter & cancer & had my thyroid & 3 of 4 para-thyroid glands removed years ago. On levothyroxin ever since & get the levels checked a couple times a year & no problems since then. I did go over a year without getting the levels checked once & started having symptoms thinking I was having heart problems, but it was just the thyroid levels were too high, after tests & adjustments all went back to normal -- so don't skip your checkups!
    The surgery itself was simple, over night stay & back at home the next day, & back at work a week or so later (it was over 15 years ago so hard to remember exactly how long I stayed home but it wasn't long).
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    Thank you for all the info. It makes me feel better. When i talk to the surgeon I will find out the details. I know the doc was trying to avoid taking it out and just wanted to monitor it but it sped up growing.

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